A free OS based on Plan 9

Plan 9 is a distributed research operating system developed at Bell Labs by the same team that created Unix and C. Over the years there have been four major releases or ‘Editions’; after the Fourth Edition the project adopted a ‘open source’ model and changes were published daily in a public repository. Now, there's 9front, which brings security improvements, wifi, new filesystems, emulation software, 64-bit memory addressing support, and more.


Get a 9front

9front is freely available to download right here! The code released by Bell Labs is available under a Lucent Public License, and 9front's modifications come to you under other, more permissive licenses.

See the Source Code

Peruse the 9front source code repository in your browser! Or, if you'd prefer, that same link will work with an hg clone command on your favorite development workstation!


Read the Documents

Enjoy a narrative experience or good old fashioned man pages, just like Mom used to make! The FQA document is also available in a convenient print edition, ready for frequent questions in the comfort of your favorite chair.


Report a Bug

Just send an email to our bug-tracking mailing list Include as much information as possible relating to your troubles. You can use the sysinfo tool to collect some facts. Remember, 9front is a volunteer-run project, so we can't promise response times or results.


Say Hello

Joining the mailing list is as easy as sending an email that just says 'subscribe' to our community mailing list! Let us know how you're using 9front, what new programs you'd like to share, and get to know our close-knit community.


Learn More

You can learn more about the now-defunct ancestor of 9front by visiting a mirror of its deceased website! There are other projects on the Internet which take inspiration from the innovations in Plan 9 from Bell Labs, but 9front is the most fun.